International Telematics Corp. and Advantage PressurePro announced they are teaming up to develop integrated TPMS/Telematics solution to fleet markets worldwide.

The integrated systems will allow users to receive tire pressure alerts both in-cab through ITC's ibright user interface and remote to an office or smart phone. In addition to the new TPMS capabilities, the systems will offer ibright's full range of telematics capabilities as well as allow tire pressure and temperature alert levels to be configured for specific vehicles, groups of vehicles or tire sets.

International Telematics, headquartered in New York City, produces the ibright vehicle and trailer telematics system for both private and public fleets. The ibright system is specifically designed to meet the needs of a wide range of market segments, including refrigerated transport.

"Making the PressurePro TPMS capabilities available through our advanced telematic platform adds a further important component of functionality and economic return for our customers, which is central to the design philosophy of the ibright system," said Andrew Sutherland, CEO of International Telematics. "At a time when fleet managers are increasingly concerned about fuel costs and the safety of their remote assets, as well as tire-related costs, we are delighted to be able to provide our customers with the ability to manage these aspects of their operations in partnership with a tire pressure system of the quality of PressurePro."

The ibright telematic system, with substantial connectivity and communication options (i.e. GPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, ethernet), allows driver performance and g-forces to be be monitored and alerted from the tractor, truck or trailer and users can also select from a wide range of optional features including Hours of Service, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, wireless temperature, humidity, door and other sensors, pulp temperature sensors, 2-way control and remote start/stop
reefer capability, tire pressure sensors, power take off (PTO) monitoring, engine status and diagnostics, and others.

The ibright system also can be integrated with dispatch, scheduling, maintenance and other back end systems.