ARI, Automotive Resources International, introduced ARI Driver Watch, its new road safety observation reporting program which promotes safer driving.

The program involves placing decals on vehicles with a vehicle unit number and a reporting phone number. Passing drivers and/or pedestrians can call the number to report any unsafe behavior or to offer positive feedback. The data collected through the phone calls is incorporated into ARI's web-based fleet management system, ARI insights.

"The ARI insights system will integrate the client's data from these phone calls with its full universe of data on accidents, violations, and other measurements of driver behavior," said Frank Cardile, senior vice president of operations and client relations. "Fleet managers can target unacceptable driving behavior, which will lower driver risk, reduce accidents and violations, and increase driver productivity."

ARI, a part of the Holman Automotive Group, is a vehicle fleet management company in North America specializing in complex car, truck, government and utility fleets.