GreenRoad has added an idling performance solution to its service to help fleets further reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.
The typical GreenRoad 360 customer already sees fuel economy savings of up to 10 percent, says the company, and with this new solution drivers can cut fuel consumption by an additional 2 percent to 5 percent.

GreenRoad's new idling management capability quickly identifies specific drivers, vehicles, or trips that negatively impact fuel performance. This customizable solution automatically identifies idling activities that are exceptions to company policy, based on client-defined policy thresholds, applying sophisticated filtering to the unavoidable idling that occurs at traffic lights and stop signs.

"GreenRoad is able to provide managers and drivers with complete control over idling, eliminating the cost and environmental impact incurred by this manageable driving behavior," said Dan Steere, CEO of GreenRoad.

GreenRoad is compatible with all vehicle years, makes and models. This approach to idling management offers significant advantages over legacy idling detection systems by not requiring disruptive ECM integration, or an ignition sensor up fit, to determine whether or not the engine is running.

GreenRoad makes it easy and simple for managers to stay up to date in identifying idling issus--real-time idling reports are available anytime and emailed weekly, reporting on performance across all fleets. Managers also have the ability to refer to at-a-glance exception reports to view the idling performance across their fleets--to quickly identify specific drivers, vehicles, or trips impacting operations.