Road Life Publication's newest edition of the Pocket Truck Stop Guide now includes rest areas.
It will debut in truckstops by December.

"We have received many requests from drivers to include rest areas in the directory and we have wanted to include them for some time," explained Frank Salisbury, president of Road Life. "Truckers have a very difficult time finding places to park these days. That's why it was a 'no brainer' for us to insert rest areas at their appropriate locations along the highway into our existing database. Despite having to use much more paper, we felt this would be our way of making the driver's life a little easier."

Road Life Publications created the Pocket Truck Stop Guide in 1998. It is an "exit-based" printed directory that lists "park-able" travel stops and rest areas sequentially by state, highway and exit, so the reader is able to identify stops as they approach them. A driver can easily view all the stops for hundreds of miles on a single page in a matter of seconds.

The directory takes advantage of environmentally sensitive printing processes and uses recycled paper.