A new security divider service from Old Dominion Freight Line provides an extra layer of protection for customers shipping sensitive cargo.
With the new service, customers' freight is locked securely into place on the trailer at its origin and remains locked until it reaches its final destination.

"Our promise to our customers is that we will deliver their cargo safely and on time," said Marty Freeman, Old Dominion's vice president of sales. "Our new security divider service is an additional service aimed at giving peace of mind to customers who are shipping delicate and sensitive cargo."

First, freight is loaded into the nose of a deck trailer, and a frame -- consisting of a pair of two-by-twelves and a single one-by-eight -- is placed on the trailer floor against the freight. Then, a pair of five-by-eight plywood or chip boards is placed in the frame, and two deck bars are dropped in front of the panels. Finally, a lock is placed in the drilled hole of the deck bar.

When the frame and boards are offset from the deck bars, any empty space can be filled with air bags; a cargo strap may be added for additional security. Upon delivery, an Old Dominion employee removes the lock in the presence of the consignee, allowing the freight to be unloaded with the consignee knowing that the freight has not been handled since the initial loading.

To see an animated illustration of the security dividers, click here.