Telogis has added Fleet Management Alerts to its Telogis Fleet platform. The alerts are generated based on a variety of sensor data including odometer, engine hours and battery voltage.
Here's a screen capture from the Telogis Fleet Platform with Management Alerts.
Here's a screen capture from the Telogis Fleet Platform with Management Alerts.

The module enables fleet maintenance managers to receive configurable automated alert e-mails on such things as battery status, oil change, tire rotation, tune up, over temperature, and PTO utilization. The technology captures these maintenance events by monitoring a vehicle's odometer and engine hours.

Fleet Management Alerts track readings from several components relating to a vehicle's operation and inform fleet managers if any kind of maintenance is necessary. The module also gauges the actual number of hours that an engine has been running since its last service, allowing customers to perform maintenance in a timely manner and avoid taking vehicles off the road prematurely.

"Every hour that a vehicle is sitting in the maintenance bay instead of being on the road represents lost revenue for its operator," said Jason Koch, president of Telogis fleet division. "Organizations that use Telogis Fleet's Fleet Management Alerts can reduce this downtime by proactively identifying potential issues with their vehicles, and also ensure that maintenance is only performed on those vehicles that require it. In addition, Fleet Management Alerts provide accurate information on factors that could render a vehicle inoperable, allowing a manager to dispatch replacements immediately, thereby reducing downtime and improving customer service."

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