Vertical Alliance Group has introduced a new series of training videos called "Fuel Efficiency for the Professional Driver," designed to keep drivers, dispatchers and maintenance personnel mindful of techniques and practices they can employ to boost fuel economy

The new series will launch on VAG's Infinit-i Learning Management System, a paperless, web-based training and information management solution. The series starts with an internally crafted expectation module, which explains why the company is implementing the training program, as well as what is expected of each department. After viewing this initial informational piece, employees will watch the "4 Part - QuickStart," four modules that will provide an overview of the training program and the foundation around which subsequent modules will teach.

"Clients utilizing our Infinit-i solution to train drivers and other staff around fuel saving techniques with our existing materials are already posting some impressive miles per gallon improvements with this series that specifically targets fuel economy, and concerned companies can also take their fuel savings to the next level," said Jay Wommack, president and CEO of VAG.

According to VAG, companies can be running the fuel program in less than 48 hours.

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