FreightWatch International has added Consulting Services to its offerings, thanks to a partnership with Clareo Incorporated, a supply chain security consultancy.

"By adding these additional consulting services, we have created a one-stop-shop for securing a supply chain," said Ron Greene, general manager of FreightWatch International, USA. "Our Consulting Services will provide information to harden supply chains, identify areas of cost savings for each specific situation, and dovetail with FreightWatch's traditional logistics security solutions."

FreightWatch's Consulting Services include government compliance consulting for Mutual Recognition Arrangements including C-TPAT, CCSP, CFAS, AEO, or PIP; vulnerability assessments to identify gaps and waste throughout the security mechanisms of the supply chain; physical security design for warehouses, manufacturing facilities; and guard contract consulting designed to maximize the negotiation process.

"Companies can lose millions annually on ineffective or out-of-date security measures while others risk just as much by failing to be compliant or falling behind in their compliance with government regulations," said Greene.

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