The new Jensen JHD1620 and JHD3620 AM/FM/Weatherband Heavy Duty Stereos not only survive the challenging heavy-duty environment, but also have satellite radio and iPod capability, according to manufacturer ASA Electronics.

These two new stereos are the next generation to the current Jensen JHD1510 and JHD3510 stereos. Manyfeatures remain the same, such as the robust electrical and mechanical design, the AM/FM tuner with RBDS (JHD3620 is CD model), and the NOAA Weatherband with Weather Alert capability. As with all Jensen electronics, the new JHD1620 and JHD3620 also boast conformal coated circuit boards that protect the system against temperature fluctuations, condensation, and humidity, all of which are commonly encountered in heavy duty applications.

Both the JHD1620 and JHD3620 are also Sirius Gen 3.0 Satellite Radio Ready. This means that the stereos can transmit and control Sirius Radio (when a subscription is obtained) without having to use a separate Sirius head unit. In addition, the stereos are iPod-ready, which allows the stereo full control when an iPod is plugged into either the front or rear auxiliary inputs. The stereos are also public announcement (PA) ready, which means the stereos have the capability to work with Jensen microphones, thus also serving as a PA system.

New features of the JHD1620 and JHD3620 stereos include a full-dot matrix high-visibility display for easy and clear viewing, and S.A.M.E technology, which allows the weather alert to focus in on a more specific region, thus giving the user more accurate weather updates.

The main differences between the two stereos is that the Jensen JHD3620 has a CD player and has a front panel USB connection for those who prefer to listen to music through a device such as a jump drive.

The Jensen JHD1620 and JHD3620 also have non-volatile memory, which means station presets and audio settings are saved even when a vehicle's battery is disconnected.

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