LeanLogistics has launched GreenLanes, a transportation and freight optimization program meant to improve sustainability and reduce empty miles
. Michigan-based LeanLogistics provides SaaS transportation technology and supply chain services.

GreenLanes combines the proprietary algorithms within LeanLogistics' On-Demand TMS and its supply and demand data from over 32,000 users and over 7,000 carriers. This gives GreenLanes members preferred buy/sell positions, according to the company.

The system helps members determine opportunities for round trips, continuous moves and fractional dedicated truckload.

The system is designed to provide shippers with the best service and value, while carriers operate at optimum capacity. LeanLogistics claims the tool can reduce empty miles from 15 to 20 percent down to 3 to 5 percent.

"GreenLanes goes well beyond traditional freight consolidation," said Dan Dershem, CEO and president, LeanLogistics. "We are able to identify, even predict, opportunities for lane and load optimization, making the best use of available assets, which in turn reduces carbon footprint."

GreenLanes is available to all LeanLogistics clients.

More info: www.LeanLogistics.com