Comfort Innovation's new portable air conditioner, Go Cool, was designed to provide the trucking industry with an alternative to other cooling systems or idling
. According to the company, Go Cool will pay for itself within three weeks, thanks to fuel and maintenance costs savings.

To operate Go Cool, a truck driver secures the unit inside the cab, loads it with ice and a small amount of water, plugs it into a vehicle lighter and turns it on. It requires no cutting or mounting procedures.

According to the company, Go Cool reduces idling and maintenance related to idling. The unit uses block ice, bagged ice or frozen gel packs to cool instead of Freon, and it requires no exhausting. The portable system dehumidifies and re-circulates the cool air it generates.

It uses less than two amps to operate, and comes with two interchangeable cords for a standard electrical outlet or vehicle lighter. Its key pad regulates temperature and fan speed, while also indicating low ice and rechargeable battery power levels. Biopathogenic filters can be used to reduce dust and allergens from the cab's environment.

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