McLeod Software will integrate Rand McNally's IntelliRoute Dock2Dock solution with its transportation management system
. Through the new partnership, carriers and private fleets will be able to access Rand McNally's proprietary truck routing through McLeod's LoadMaster system.

IntelliRoute Dock2Dock software provides street-level routing on city and inter-neighborhood streets throughout North America. Rand McNally's cartographers and GIS experts enhanced the company's own proprietary data with datasets from Navteq, provider of digital map data. This level of data helps drivers navigate more efficiently, avoid "out-of-route" miles and fines, and deliver more loads on time. Dock2Dock software provides nearly 7 million miles of U.S. truck-attributed roads made up of 24.3 million unique road segments.

"We are constantly working to enhance our software to meet the needs of our customers and boost their productivity and profit," said Tom McLeod, president and CEO of McLeod Software. "Rand McNally's Dock2Dock software does just that. It integrates seamlessly with our LoadMaster trucking software to allow carriers - who previously could only route city-to-city on highways and secondary roads - to calculate a truck-routable distance between two precise physical addresses."

IntelliRoute also routes by truck type across all of Rand McNally's standard routing methodologies, including HHG, Practical, Quickest and Lowest Cost. Dock2Dock provides both physical restrictions, such as truck height and weight, as well as legal restrictions, such as turn limitations and truck-specific speed limits, to help minimize out-of-route miles and maximize fuel efficiency.

"LoadMaster's integration with IntelliRoute Dock2Dock brings all of the time- and cost-saving benefits of our software to McLeod users," said Donna Koppensteiner, vice president of the enterprise division for Rand McNally. "Our Dock2Dock solution helps dispatchers equip their drivers to navigate more efficiently and reach their destinations on time."

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