Safety Pumping Systems has developed the Chassis Grabber Mounting System, a tool for mounting any type of equipment on a truck frame without drilling holes in the frame.

Because the Chassis Grabber is fully adjustable and easy to install, there is no need for skilled labor to mount the equipment. According to the company, installation labor can be reduced by 70 percent.

Installation of the mounting system involves no drilling, so this eliminates the risk of damaging air lines, wire harnesses or surrounding equipment.

Each basic No-Drill Bracket Kit, which includes a top and bottom bracket, safety strap and hardware, weighs about six pounds, and a typical configuration consists of two of these kits, the company says. Each No-Drill bracket is rated at 2,500 pounds with a safety factor of eight, so two are rated at 5,000 pounds. The brackets come in left and right configurations. The Chassis Grabber can also be used with brackets that come with equipment.

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