Challenger Lifts has unveiled a new line of battery-operated mobile column lifts.

The new CLMseries heavy-duty system can be used inside or outside, on any solid surface. The system is designed to lift any rubber-tired vehicle, including passenger cars and two- and three-axle vehicles up to 108,000 pounds. According to Challenger, the lifts can carry vehicles of any axle length or wheelbase.

The CLMseries comes with extra sets of accessory stands to serve multiple bays with one lift system. They are available in 16,000-pound capacity columns as well as 18,000-pound capacity columns.

The battery-operated systems feature 12-volt heavy-duty deep cycle batteries, which are rechargeable. Batteries can be charged overnight, providing for power that lasts all day.

Other features include three separate operating modes, electronic self-diagnostics, low friction recirculating ball screw lifting system, automatic synchronization and leveling, and an independent safety device that automatically shuts off with obstacle contact. The system is available with universal lift carriage for lifting special applications.

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