Peterbilt introduced an Aerodynamic Package for its on-highway Models 386 and 384 that improves fuel economy up to an estimated 12 percent.

The package was designed through analysis and testing to reduce vehicle drag by up to 24 percent, resulting in an estimated $5,600 in savings annually (130,000 miles, $2.30/gal) versus a comparable Peterbilt Model 386 or 384 without the Aerodynamic Package. Benefits were validated by the company with computational fluid dynamics studies, wind tunnel testing and on-track drag metering.

The package includes:

• Roof Fairing and Trim Tabs - Proprietary roof fairings with trim tabs to help push air up and over the cab and trailer to reduce drag and improve fuel economy.

• New Sleeper Roof Transition - Enhanced design provides a smooth transition between the cab and sleeper roof lines.

• Enhanced Chassis Fairings - The new chassis fairings have been re-contoured at the end to feature a "flair" design element which redirects air flow around the rear tires and wheels.

• Aero Battery Box/Toolbox - Optimized to provide better airflow under the cab for improved aerodynamics.

• Composite Sunvisor - A new composite sunvisor provides less aerodynamic drag and maximized glare protection.

• Sleeper Extender - A new sleeper extender features a 3-inch rubber extender flair to redirect airflow outward and around the trailer.

• Aerodynamic Mirrors - The mirrors include a tough, lightweight, 4-way adjustability providing both vertical and horizontal adjustments, an integral convex mirror and fully heated primary and convex mirrors.

Peterbilt's Aerodynamic Package equipped Models 386 and 384 feature a sleek appearance, with enhanced aerodynamic characteristics. Peterbilt's Aerodynamic Package will also be available from Paccar Parts for Model 386 and 384 retrofit.

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