Fontaine Trailer offers a totally new aluminum platform trailer that combines unusual strength at a lighter overall weight to deliver bigger payloads at a lower fuel cost: The Fontaine Fusion.

The new Fusion trailer weigh only 8,400 pounds, yet handles a 52,000-pound load in just 4 feet.

The key to its strength is a totally new mainbeam concept. Because the mainbeam is extruded, the high-stress weld between the web and the flange is eliminated to improve strength and durability. The patented design also features an over-sized 7.5" flange to virtually eliminate side-to-side sway. This engineering breakthrough makes Fusion the most stabile trailer in its class, according to the company.

"It's a perfect addition to our aluminum trailer product line," says John Craig, president of Fontaine Trailer Company. "The Phantom takes care of our customers with loads that require a 100,000-pound mainbeam rating, and Fusion handles a much larger segment of the market that only needs an 80,000 beam rating. Fusion offers this huge market a really great value for their trailer dollar."

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