A new report from Boston University focuses on the business of remanufacturing.
The 11 page report, "Remanufacturing Operating Practices and Strategies," prepared by professors William Hauser and Robert T. Lund, draws on the authors' decades of study of the industry, and from their database of thousands of remanufacturers, and case studies of successful companies in the industry.

The report is the third in a series issued by the authors over the past 12 years. As stated in its executive summary, "The report is intended for members of the industry and their suppliers and customers, for students of the industry, and for public policymakers who are interested in promoting the activities of the industry."

The report identifies 112 product areas, such as motor vehicle parts, electric motors, industrial valves, medical equipment, and even guided missiles, in which remanufacturing is being done. It looks at the means that firms use to obtain their "raw material" - the worn-out, discarded, or traded-in products that can be restored to like-new condition. It examines the different strategies that are used to grow the firm and to remain profitable in a changing, increasingly global economy.

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