Purosil, Corona, Calif., introduced flourocarbon lined hoses designed for combustion residue resistance and able to withstand extreme temperatures in response to diesel emisssions regulations.

New emissions-compliant engines and fuels adversely effect engine hose components by introducing chemical additives to hydrocarbons and increasing engine operating temperature, according to Purosil. The company's new hoses and elbows are helping engine manufacturers and end users manage higher engine operating temperatures while providing an effective method for containing crankcase emissions.

The development of Purosil's fluorocarbon (FC) program is now integrated into its product line-up including hump hoses, charge-air hoses, turbocharger hoses and elbows.

Using DuPont Viton elastomer, which is designed to resist diesel fuel combustion byproducts as well as alcohols and fuel additives, the fluorocarbon-lined hoses offer an chemical bond between the fluorocarbon liner and the silicone rubber composite structure. Fluorocarbon hoses have a continuous operating temperature of 455 degrees and low temperature capabilities down to 45 below.

More info: www.purosil.com