Peterbilt and Kenworth customers will receive up to an estimated 1 percent fuel economy savings when Paccar makes full synthetic axle lube standard on its Class 5-8 models in the U.S. and Canada starting this summer.

Cognis EMGARD FE 75W-90 will be introduced into production at Peterbilt and Kenworth plants. The lubricant technology has been tested using industry standards and "real world" fleet methodology, with results indicating up to a 1 percent fuel economy improvement. (That's the equivalent to approximately $900 a year if you figure 120,000 miles, 6 mpg baseline, with diesel at $4.75/gal). Cognis is a worldwide supplier of specialty chemicals. The company's North American headquarters is in Cincinnati, Ohio.

FE 75W-90 provides customers performance advantages over current synthetic lubricants with reduced gear wear and extended maintenance intervals, resulting in increased uptime, according to Paccar. The lubricant also provides improved fluid flow to protect gears in extreme cold conditions and withstand the stress from high temperatures, extending component life.

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