Peterbilt launched a new Green Technologies Website.

The website has an environmentally friendly appearance and promotes Peterbilt technologies that provide gains in fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Peterbilt vehicles featured on the new Green Technologies Website include the Model 330 and Model 335 Hybrid Electric Vehicles, the Model 320 Hydraulic Launch Assist (HLA), as well as the Model 386 Class 8 Longhaul Hybrid Electric development platform. Additionally, the section highlights the SmartWay certified aerodynamic Models 386 and 387 and the innovative ComfortClass no-idle system.

Other Peterbilt Green Technologies sections include:
• Peterbilt's ecoNavigator. which keeps users up to date on where the Medium Duty Model 330 and 335 hybrids are being displayed in conjunction with the Peterbilt Medium Duty Hybrid National Demonstration Program.

• The Peterbilt ecoOpportunity section, which provides users information on how to take advantage of state and federal incentives to offset the cost of adopting Peterbilt hybrid technologies.

• Peterbilt sustainability efforts such as its commitment to becoming a 'Zero Waste to Landfill' company and the strides the company is making to reduce the trucking industry's carbon footprint.

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