Saf-Holland announced that the FWAL aluminum fifth wheel is now an available option for the Volvo VN from Volvo Trucks North America.

The Holland aluminum fifth wheel is designed for standard duty applications and forged from the same aluminum alloy as Alcoa's aluminum truck wheels. It's rated for 55,000 pounds maximum vertical load and 150,000 pounds maximum drawbar pull and is backed by Saf-Holland's five-year/500,000 mile performance guarantee.

The FWAL uses patented NoLube technology that creates a completely grease-free fifth wheel. NoLube technology reduces maintenance time; decreases grease in the maintenance shop and the environment. When combined with the Holland ILS slider a weight savings of over 125 pounds can be realized .

The FWAL was field tested with fleets using tankers, bulk haulers, and flatbeds hauling a variety of loads, including beverages, steel, cement, fuel, liquid and bulk food products, and refuse.

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