Doran Manufacturing introduced its 360 SmartLink Tire Pressure Monitoring System designed for truck fleets with "drop and hook" trailers.

With this system, wireless sensors are screwed on to the valve stems of the trailer tires. Tire pressure information is sent to a trailer-mounted SmartLink receiver/transmitter that collects and transfers the data to a cab-mounted display unit. The wireless sensors mounted on the truck tires are also programmed to the monitor in the cab. When the truck is hooked to a new trailer, it only requires a one-button operation by the driver to drop and add correct trailer.

The system allows tire pressures to be accurately checked within seconds, which minimizes labor costs and errors associated with manually checking each tire with a gauge. For the drivers, the patent pending "Green Means GOOD" one-glance indicator light provides a level of confidence and safety knowing that all of the tires are properly inflated. If a tire pressure problem develops, audible alerts and visual warnings provide the specific tire location and pressure level. There is also a high temperature warning to help prevent damage caused by excessive heat.

To assist with driver accountability, a date/time stamp for each pressure alarm (up to 10) is stored within the monitor and the system can be "locked" to prevent accidental reprogramming or tampering with the desired settings.

The spin-welded sensors are built using an encapsulation process with high-grade materials to provide component security and airtight construction to meet the extremes of the road and the changing conditions of driving coast-to-coast.

The three-piece seal maximizes valve core depression and minimizes potential leaks and the improved battery design provides an estimated five-year service life.

The system, which works with either traditional dual-wheel configurations or wide-base single tire applications, can provide an estimated payback in less than nine months per truck/trailer (based on driving 100,000 miles annually), according to the company.

Installation can be accomplished in about one hour per truck/trailer. A monitor includes a digital LCD screen with backlit display and comes equipped with four- way navigational buttons. Multiple mounting accessories provide flexibility to install the display in many configurations based on the layout of the cab.

A patent-pending "Sleep Mode" ensures that the tire pressures are checked at all times. With this feature, tire pressures are monitored, but potential warnings are withheld until the driver turns on the truck's ignition switch.

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