Prophesy Transportation Solutions released a significant update to its FleetTrax fleet maintenance and inventory management system.

Version 3.5 features marked performance improvements, including greater processing speeds, and many user-friendly new features. Also new to the system are expanded options for barcode labels, reports, and system configuration to suit a wider variety of user needs.

"Prophesy FleetTrax 3.5 is an example of the true power of user feedback," said Prophesy President Edward J. Forman. "Valuable suggestions from a hands-on perspective help our products to continually evolve and to remain the most full-featured and efficient tools in the industry."

Features of Prophesy FleetTrax include:
* Track an unlimited number of vehicles and other equipment
* Track all preventive maintenance (PM) and repairs performed on your fleet
* Track employee contact information, labor rates, punch clock history, licensing, renewals, and certifications
* Built-in parts inventory system with stock tracking
* Track core and disposal fees
* Built-in purchase requisition system for purchasing parts and tires from vendors
* Built-in work order management system to track and monitor status of work orders
* Warranty tracking on any part in inventory
* Track on-site fuel pump and tank inventory
* Generate fuel purchase history and statistics
* Tire inventory, assignment, and usage tracking
* Track tire cost, performance, and maintenance history
* Daily and work order punch clock utilities allow you to punch any employee in or out daily, or to document mechanics' time spent on work orders
* Bar coding - track parts, work orders, and purchase orders by scanning UPC symbols

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