Heil Environmental, Chattanooga, TN, has made additional improvements to the full line of Half/Pack front loaders by upgrading the standard hydraulic pump offering from a gear pump to a single vane pump.

Vane pumps provide efficiency increases of up to 20 percent, lower system temperatures, greater reliability, improved serviceability, overall quieter operation, and reduced fuel consumption, the manufacturer says.

Although Heil has used tandem vane pumps in its operate-at-idle system for years, they spent a year fully testing the new single vane pump before making it standard on the Half/Pack and Half/Pack Sierra front loaders.

The vane pump has fewer leak points, which reduces the potential of hydraulic oil leaks. It also has serviceability advantages. The vane pump's internal cartridge can be replaced without removing the entire pump from the truck.

The Half/Pack Sierra Western U.S. front loader offers all the features and benefits of the Half/Pack front loader, with 13 percent less weight, thus improving fuel economy.

More info: www.heil.com