Prophesy Dispatch with Interface to Peachtree Accounting 2009 is now available.
Building upon the company's existing interface with Peachtree, Prophesy has added functionality between the two programs, as well as additional upgrades that tie into enhancements within the core DispatchSeries solution.

The 2009 interface works with the newly added Revenue Settlement module in Prophesy Dispatch, allowing users to work with deductions, expenses, and a customizable settlement report for drivers. Department Masks can be defined with any number of characters for easy naming and recall.

"It is our goal in the development of any Prophesy product to shape the end result based on active user feedback", said Edward J. Forman, Prophesy president.

In addition to technical improvements, the new interface is designed to be user-friendly. While this includes several visual improvements, the latest design changes also allow for added protection against data entry mistakes and other potential oversights that may otherwise occur. For instance, users can choose which parts of the interface should remain active and which should be turned off while in use.

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