Prophesy Dispatch and TrackerSeries mobile communications solutions now work in tandem with the TransCore GlobalWave satellite trailer tracking device.

Prophesy, Bloomfield, Conn., has teamed up with TransCore, Harrisburg, Pa., to deliver this new functionality in an ongoing effort to broaden available mobile technology options for users.

Prophesy Dispatch automatically imports GPS data from the GlobalWave devices and updates the trailer data throughout the system. This results in greater accuracy and reliability when managing and assigning trailers on loads. Users are allowed to view various data about a trailer such as its current geographical location and length of time at that location, and several reports are available to display and print this data.

Trailer data can also be viewed at the Prophesy Tracker website using any PC with an Internet connection. The website contains a host of reports and maps that allow you to maintain complete visibility over a trailer's activity.

On the road, the GlobalWave hardware easily attaches to the surface of a trailer using an ultra-strong, self-adhesive mounting system. Once attached, the device is virtually maintenance free, and has a battery life of 5-7 years.

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