Buffers USA, Jacksonville, Fla., is releasing a new line of moisture control products that prevent damaging buildup of moisture in containerized shipments by removing moisture from the air and trapping it in built-in collectors.

"Traditional pouch type desiccants do not permanently remove moisture from inside a container but rather continually absorb and release moisture until they become saturated, at which point they lose their ability to protect cargo from moisture damage during the rest of the voyage," said John Hove, president of Buffers USA. "This new technology incorporates built-in collectors that trap the moisture as it is absorbed, preventing its re-release during the entire voyage."

The technology is available in a variety of product designs that meet the needs of specific container load configurations and types of cargo. Absorpole is designed for any type of crated cargo or tightly stuffed containers. Absorbag is configured for any type of cargo that allows about 4" space (100 mm) between the cargo and the sidewalls and not loaded higher than about 5' (1500 mm) from the floor. Absortop is the most compact unit, designed for very tight bulk or packaged cargo loads. All these products are effective with both bulk and packaged loads, for dry and moist items ranging from sensitive electronics to household furnishings to agricultural commodities.

"When moisture damage occurs, the business loses money in two ways. First they lose the value of the spoiled cargo and the money spent on shipping that spoiled cargo," said Hove. "They also incur additional costs since they now have to rework or replace the damaged goods and reship them. In the past, businesses were resigned to absorbing these losses, but with today's higher transportation costs that is no longer a viable option. Reducing moisture spoilage in the original shipment is the best way to protect revenues and profitability."

More info: www.desiccant-solutions.com