FTR Associates, Nashville, Tenn., has established a consulting group consisting of respected names in the logistics and transportation industry.

Clients of FTR Consulting Group will be better able to make informed decisions about acquisition targets, capacity adjustments, product development, etc.
The FTR Consulting Group members include experts in all modes of freight transportation. They include:
  • Lawrence J. Gross is President of Gross Transportation Consulting Inc., an independent consulting firm specializing in freight transportation and transportation equipment issues. Mr. Gross is a thirty-year veteran of the transportation equipment industry with experience in the truck trailer, railcar and intermodal equipment segments.
  • Richard (Dick) Kloster is currently Vice President, North American Transport Solutions, a private transportation consulting company specializing in rail transportation equipment markets. He has an extensive background in marketing, business development, asset management, operations and sales in the rail industry.
  • Noël Perry is an economist specializing in transportation and logistics. He has followed his passionate interest in the way freight moves over a forty-year career, beginning on a loading dock and culminating in his role as a leading industry consultant. Before founding Transport Fundamentals, Perry served for 30 years in senior research positions at Schneider National, Cummins Engine Company and CSX.
  • Eric Starks is the President of FTR Associates, offering freight transportation forecasting for over 20 years on transportation equipment demand for rail cars, commercial trucks and trailers.

For more information visit or call Eric Starks at 888-988-1699 Ext 41.