Smart Energy Solutions, developer and manufacturer of the Battery Brain electronic controller for vehicle and marine batteries, is launching a new high-capacity Battery Brain for the truck and bus markets.

The company worked with several major truck and bus fleet maintenance managers to develop and test this product.
The new Heavy Duty Battery Brain is available for 12-volt and 24-volt systems and will withstand starter battery current draws of up to 2,000 amps.
Company officials say the new product can pay for itself in less than six months by reducing battery related service calls and delaying battery replacements due to deep cycling when batteries run down.
Battery Brain constantly monitors electrical discharge of the battery. If it detects that the battery is losing the required charge needed to start the vehicle's engine, the device automatically disconnects the battery to preserve its starting power.
The product also provides a warning when batteries are reaching the end of their life cycle so that battery replacement can be scheduled.
The company notes the Heavy Duty Battery Brain is ideal for beverage and courier markets where trucks are turned on and off frequently, as well as the construction and logging markets where vehicles are known to stand idle for prolonged periods of time.
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