Safety Pumping Systems, headquartered in San Diego, said its revolutionary pump system is now available as a "System-in-a-Box" kit. System-in-a-Box contains everything needed to assemble a base SPS system with a customer
- or distributor -providing the pump.
SPS supplies pump systems for the hazardous liquid transport market. Safety Pumping Systems' patented pump system is a safe and driver-friendly system that is easy to install and operate. Now, by offering the system as a "System-in-a-Box," less the pump, the safety features of an SPS system are priced within reach of every fleet, particularly those who are swinging pumps from old equipment to new. In fact, the SPS system is now significantly less expensive to purchase than hand fabricating a custom pump installation, with the added benefits of safety through total control over product flow.
SPS President Dave Palmer said, "It would be difficult to hand fabricate a system for less, and even then, it would not have all of the features of the SPS pump system." System-in-a-Box kits have an MSRP of $1,995.95 and are available for three-inch Blackmer vane pumps and Roper or Ranger three- and four-inch gear pumps.
The kits can be assembled in less than an hour with ordinary tools.
"Customers that are swinging pumps from old trucks to new vehicles now can have all of the safety features of an SPS system," said Dale Sheets, SPS chief operating officer.
Safety Pumping Systems has developed a complete line of pump systems, fittings and accessories that are installed on hazardous liquid transport vehicles, as well as new safety-related products.
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