Photo: VXLA/Flickr

Photo: VXLA/Flickr

Vehicle Tracking Solutions and Bestpass have partnered to form a fleet management and toll management reconciliation platform, the companies announced.

Within one platform, this partnership will offer companies full visibility nationwide into all fleet, driver, and toll management operations.

This partnership combines VTS’ fleet management platform, Silent Passenger, and Bestpass, a nationwide toll coverage and streamlined toll management system.

With this fully integrated telematics and fleet management insights platform, commercial fleets will now also have access to the Bestpass national toll coverage network, including all major U.S. toll roads and more than 40 tolling groups.

Within the fully integrated platform, the consolidated data sets allow fleet managers to manage overall fleet operations efficiently, while matching key geographic information on drivers, vehicles, and other critical fleet operations data, with toll usage for a total toll management reconciliation.

This reduces the number of platforms necessary for daily fleet operations, consolidates nationwide toll management into single source billing, and creates cost savings on monthly toll expenses through volume discounts.