The Harbor Trucking Association has promoted Executive Director Weston LaBar to the position of Chief Executive Officer, becoming the organization’s first CEO.

The HTA, which represents port drayage stakeholders on the West Coast, cited growth in membership, programs and geographical presence during LaBar’s tenure as executive director as the reason for his promotion. LaBar will be given a new five-year contract.

“The HTA has seen unprecedented growth as an organization and has become the voice of harbor drayage on a national basis over the past three years,” said George Boyle, president. “Weston brought his expertise of trade associations and public policy to the HTA and has worked hard to develop a vision for our platform and insure our long term sustainability.”

The HTA has added programs that benefit members and grown out of its Southern California roots to have a presence throughout the West Coast. With large national carriers as members, there has been a demand to replicate certain HTA programs in other markets and expand their influence in the drayage industry.

“Promoting Weston to be our first Chief Executive to a five-year contract sends a strong message that we are committed to sustainability and through his leadership and we intend to continue to grow and fight for our member companies and drivers in the drayage industry,” said Boyle.