Photo courtesy of Wacbo.

Photo courtesy of Wacbo.

Wabco will expand its services and technological offerings for commercial vehicles in Africa after acquiring the remaining interest of its partnership with Sturrock and Robson Industries.

Following the acquisition, the company will look to create Wabco South Africa, and will expand its presence in Africa, specifically in the sub-Saharan region, the company said in a release. The company currently offers systems including advanced driver assistance, and technologies designed to aid braking, stability control, suspension, and more.

The move will enable Wabco to introduce its global portfolio to the sub-Saharan region through Wabco South Africa’s wholly-owned distribution center near Johannesburg as well as further improving its proximity to customers in the region as a whole, the company said in a release.

"The transition from a partnership to a wholly-owned operation in South Africa underpins our strategic plan to consolidate Wabco’s presence across the African continent and leverage the many opportunities in those markets,” said Nick Rens, president of the trailer, aftermarket and off highway division at Wabco. “Wabco now serves the whole of Africa via wholly-owned operations, providing global resources and local expertise to both local and international customers, including fleet operators, enabling continued growth in the region.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet