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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has updated the CSA SMS website with the Nov. 17, 2017, results.

With these new results, motor carriers participating in FMCSA’s Crash Preventability Demonstration Program will continue to see the agency’s final determinations on SMS for crashes reviewed as part of the program. Logged-in carriers and enforcement users with crashes determined to be Not Preventable as part of the program can view measures and percentiles calculated both with and without those crashes.

Earlier this year the FMCSA launched a demonstration program to enable motor carriers to dispute the determination of certain truck crashes as “preventable.”

In addition, carriers can review statistics on Requests for Data Reviews submitted during the first quarter of the program on FMCSA’s website. A list of final Not Preventable determinations is also available, which will be updated monthly.

If at any time during the program, a party can refute a determination with documentation, they are instructed to send it to The FMCSA may revise final determinations after consideration of additional information received.