The Women In Trucking Association and TranStrategy Partners have launched a Professional Development Certification program for association members.

Participants must pass 30 online courses on industry knowledge, leadership, and career development. Courses on topics such as time management, conflict resolution, financial planning for truck drivers, leadership courses, harassment, service, highway safety, and managing your career will provide foundational learning, best practices and useful strategies to help members navigate their career pathways and strengthen their personal brand.

“A certification program is not only a way for members to gain knowledge about diversity issues in the trucking industry, it is also a way for them to help their company attract and retain more women in all roles,” said Ellen Voie, president and CEO of Women in Trucking.

The program is designed to deliver both industry-specific education as well as personal and professional development.

TransStrategy Partners provides coaching and training for freight brokerage firms and others in the transportation industry looking to maximize their business and accelerate their performance.