Image: TRALA

Image: TRALA

In the wake of a terrorist aiming a rented pickup truck down a bike path in an attack that killed 8 persons and injured another 12 in Manhattan on Halloween, the Truck Rental and Leasing Association has stated that it continues to “stand with all law enforcement in doing everything we can to prevent the misuse of trucks to do harm.”

The association also said in a Nov. 2 statement that it “condemns the senseless act of terror that claimed innocent lives and left many injured in New York City this week.” TRALA pointed out that the association along with its members and law enforcement officials have been “collaborating to enhance efforts in support of this commitment for many years.”

"TRALA members stand in full support of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and their efforts to prevent the use of trucks for illegal and/or harmful purposes," said Jake Jacoby, TRALA president and CEO. "Further, we will continue to work with law enforcement agencies to prevent these types of acts in the future." 

According to TRALA, its member companies are “well versed in a wide range of security matters and have robust safety and security procedures in place, which they share with industry counterparts as best practices on an ongoing basis.”

TRALA and its private-sector members worked with the Department of Homeland Security to develop a Security Guide, which has been distributed to its entire membership, that outlines the importance of counterterrorism and security at truck rental and leasing businesses and, in particular, what could constitute a "red flag." In addition to the brochure, TRALA has developed a Self-Assessment Guide for companies to grade themselves based on their security measures.

In addition, TRALA said the association and its members have partnered with local, regional and federal law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI, both directly and in meetings and seminars to cooperate on counter-terrorism, emergency preparedness. and other security issues.

“Our organization's efforts and policies are also guided by TRALA's Security Committee, which is comprised of security professionals, many of whom have law enforcement backgrounds. The committee continually reviews security-related updates from respected sources, including public-private partnerships, federal and local agencies. Additionally, members of law enforcement are frequent participants at TRALA meetings.”

The association noted that it represents nearly 500 trucking companies throughout North America that together operate from more than 25,000 locations and represent approximately 25-30% of all trucks and tractors that run over the road today.