ORLANDO – FlowBelow Aero is adding a trailer-based aerodynamic product for the trailer tandem and is expanding its OEM offerings in the aftermarket with the launch of its Elite Dealer Program.

At the American Trucking Associations' Management Conference & Exhibition, company officials announced that the new Trailer AeroSlider system, unveiled earlier simply as a concept, is now in production and available for fleet and dealer orders. 

FlowBelow says the Trailer AeroSlider is the first aerodynamic product of its kind that is mounted directly to the sliding trailer suspension and that travels with the suspension.

The system uses FlowBelow͛’s quick-release͛ trailer wheel covers in combination with a fairing between the trailer wheels and aerodynamic mud flaps behind them. Each of the components work together as a system to address the complex airflow around the trailer wheels and the wake behind the trailer.

The system is designed to complement other trailer-mounted aerodynamic devices such as trailer skirts and tails and offers additive fuel savings depending on the combination of devices implemented.

In addition, the new dealer program will bring the company’s wheel covers and Tractor AeroKit system to an even broader scope of fleet customers in North America.

Dealers in the program will be able to offer all available options and configurations of FlowBelow products on new or used trucks sold as well as trucks already in service.

Benefits to fleets and owner-operators, according to the company, include increased access to products and replacement parts, support from their existing dealer, and in some cases economic benefits such as a residual value when trading in trucks with FlowBelow technology already installed.