ATLANTA – Thermo King is unveiling its new all-electric TriPac Envidia auxiliary power unit, which it claims has the longest run-time in the industry, at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta this week.

Thermo King says Envidia is an environmentally clean, reliable APU that delivers the longest run-time in the industry, without tractor startup.

Historically, battery-powered APUs provided insufficient run-time and limited power, with fleets and drivers complaining they do don’t provide enough cooling for drivers’ full rest periods, especially in hot climates.

Because there is no diesel engine, the TriPac Envidia not only runs clean, but it is significantly quieter and requires minimal maintenance.

“The introduction of this emission-free technology is a significant milestone for Thermo King, and it reaffirms our commitment to sustainability through innovation,” said Dane Taival, vice president and general manager, Thermo King North America.

The unit’s simple in-cab controller allows drivers to select the desired function of the system – cool, fan or heat modes. The controller also indicates the battery charge level, and allows drivers to adjust the fan speed and cab temperature.

The Envida’s patented battery management technology also provides:

  • Individual charging and discharging management for each battery
  • Three-stage charging profile to optimize performance and extend the life of its NXT dry cell technology battery
  • Full discharge of the auxiliary power-pack batteries before switchover, to minimize depletion of tractor batteries during HVAC operation

Whether supplementing with solar, or using power options like battery or shore power, the TriPac Envidia offers choices for drivers to tap into the power they need to stay charged.

The TriPac Envidia by Thermo King meets anti-idle and anti-emission regulations nationwide, including California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements. The all-electric APU will be available for purchase in early 2018.