Driver David Gooch was able to sustain 11.21 miles per gallon over 5,599 miles during the #Raceto10mpg challenge put on by Cumberland International and Sharp Transport.

To achieve the high mileage figure, Gooch made extensive use of cruise control in order to stay in top gear as often as possible. He managed to keep cruise control on 83% of the time, allowing the truck to stay in top gear 89% of the time. During the time the vehicle was in top gear, it averaged 12.34 mpg.

Gooch stayed in communication with personnel at Sharp Transport throughout his run for day-to-day telematics reports. These reports helped him tweak his driving habits and routines to maximize his overall fuel economy during the nearly 6,000-mile run which took him through 10 states.

Gooch was one of two Sharp Transport drivers given Cumberland International’s C10 LT demo truck. The C10 is a truck spec’ed by the Tennessee dealership with the best fuel-saving options it has to offer. Cumberland allows fleets to try out C10 trucks for free to see how the spec works in their operations.