Photo: Navistar

Photo: Navistar

International Truck is taking its new A26 12.4L engine on the road to dealers throughout the North America with the launch of the International A26 Mobile Training Tour.

The tour is scheduled to visit more than 100 International Truck dealer locations to provide an up close and personal opportunity for sales, parts, and service personnel, and customers to experience the newly designed engine. Trainers will be on hand to demonstrate the increased fuel efficiency, reduced noise, lower weight, and focus on uptime as they teach the ins and outs of the engine. The tour consists of two trailers and is scheduled to run through the spring of 2018.

"Since its introduction, the International A26 engine has continued to impress with its outstanding fuel economy and light weight while providing the highest level of uptime for our customers," said Michael Cancelliere, president, truck, and parts. "We are excited for our dealers and customers to learn just how impressive this engine is firsthand."

Unveiled at the Technology & Maintenance Council annual meeting in February, the A26 started shipping in new trucks in late June.

The mobile tour will spend two days at each dealer location and provide a series of training sessions, which will include hands-on engine disassembly and component identification. Many dealerships will also be holding A26 engine customer training events concurrent with sales training.