The American Transportation Research Institute has a new web address,, aimed at making it easier to access the organization’s work.

"ATRI is the leading voice on trucking research and now we're doing more to raise that voice so it can be heard loud and clear by industry, our public sector partners, and lawmakers across the country," said Rebecca Brewster, ATRI president and COO.

In addition to relaunching its website at a new address, ATRI announced that it is taking steps to streamline its online presence and promote its ongoing research efforts. These efforts include the annual top industry issues survey, the cost of congestion report and identification of the nation’s top freight bottlenecks.

"Key to our success as an organization is not only the quality of our research but in our ability to disseminate the findings far and wide," Brewster said. "We are taking steps, including this new web address, to get critical research findings and analysis out in the world so it can be used to improve the trucking industry's safety and productivity."