Photo: National Research Council of Canada

Photo: National Research Council of Canada

Ridge Corporation has partnered with the aerospace technology company FlexSys to help improve truck aerodynamics devices, reducing drag and improving fuel efficiency.

FlexSys is a Michigan-based company that has been developing advanced aircraft wing technologies with the Air Force Research Laboratories and has validated concepts through both NASA flight tests and on private jets.

The company’s technology involves variable geometry control surface mechanisms that use the inherent flexibility of aerospace materials to continuously reshape optimal aerodynamic profiles. Ridge wants to incorporate this dynamic technology into its devices to produce, resilient, low-complexity, cost-effective devices that improve fuel savings over currently available technologies.

“Ridge’s goal is to incorporate this new technology as a complement to our own engineering expertise and our ability to quickly move new technologies to market,” said Gary Grandominico, Ridge CEO.

The two companies have agreed to join forces to combine the latest aerospace technologies with the real-world requirements of the trucking industry.

“We have found a strong partner in Ridge Corporation and are looking forward to applying our technology to the field of truck aerodynamics,” said Dave Hornick, FlexSys COO.