Photo: Beemac Trucking

Photo: Beemac Trucking

Flatbed transportation provider Beemac Trucking has announced opening a new terminal in Franklin, Penn., to expand its operations in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.

The new addition is the 23rd Beemac Trucking terminal in North America. The new terminal will operate with more than 25 trucks and features a two-bay, full-service shop.

The company is bringing in Tim Engles to run the new terminal, an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience operating Engles Trucking and Engles Leasing since 1988.

“The addition of Tim and his team helps Beemac meet the growing capacity demand in the Western Pennsylvania market while also utilizing the new customer base to operate all Beemac trucks more efficiently,” said Richard Casoli, vice president of Beemac Trucking. “A key area of success in onboarding was our agent/driver pay package. We expect the Franklin fleet to grow to the 45 driver range to meet current customer demand.”

Beemac Trucking is a full-service transportation provider offering asset-based trucking, logistics, port, warehousing, and specialized hauling services. The company operates more than 350 trucks and is headquartered in Amrbidge, Penn.

Beemac Trucking was nominated to HDT's Top 50 Green Fleets in 2015.