Graphic via One20

Graphic via One20

One20 has released its inaugural TopOne20 report highlighting data about drivers, their travel center preferences, and other industry trends.

TopOne20 provides a view of driver behavior using more than 3,000 driver-collected insights to help companies that serve the trucking industry improve life on the road for drivers.

The effects of technology had a clear impact on the report. One20 found that fewer than 50% of those surveyed were ELD-compliant. The same percentage of drivers shop online and were found to make more informed product decisions. The top 25 items sold to drivers were found to cost 37% less on Amazon than at travel centers.

TA and Petro Shopping Centers were named the preferred travel center chain, receiving top votes for best parking, cleanest facilities, and best restaurants.

“The information we’ve compiled from the driving community for the TopOne20 report is invaluable to the industry. We now know how many drivers are making online purchases, the technology drivers are using based on their ages, the payment methods they’re using on a day-to-day basis and their off-duty entertainment preferences,” said Christian Schenk, president and CEO of One20. “We’re working to improve life on the road for professional drivers and this data will enable us to better work with industry partners to create change.”

The TopOne20 report is designed to help companies selling goods and services to truckers make more informed product decisions, plan a selling strategy based on location, time and demographics, and identify the most used products and services to aid with partnership identification, discounting and marketing/merchandising.

One20 plans to release additional reports quarterly, with the next report scheduled for July 2017.

“We know which travel center chains were voted least favorite in a number of categories, and we’re not afraid to call out the industry giants that came in last,” Schenk said. “Drivers are very transparent and told us exactly what the industry needs to hear - we can do better. If your best customers are unhappy with your parking or think your bathrooms are dirty, it may be time for a change.”