Photo: Gorilla Safety

Photo: Gorilla Safety

Gorilla Safety has announced that its mobile app now includes automatic onboard recording device integration to help fleets as they transition to meet the impending electronic logging device mandate.

The ELD mandate requires fleets to operate with an ELD beginning Dec. 18, 2017, however, if fleets are using an AOBRD as of that time they will have two years to transition from it to the newer standard. The AOBRD is a device that carriers installed and required drivers to use before the ELD compliance ruling was established and so is a predecessor to ELDs.

Any fleet that installs AOBRDs by the FMCSA deadline of Dec. 18 can continue to use them until the final deadline of Dec. 16, 2019. However, if a fleet purchases or places new vehicles into service during this two-year gap, those vehicles will be required to adhere to the ELD mandate.

“Our solution and AOBRD capability allows fleets to smoothly make the transition to ELD in time for the FCMSA deadlines. The use of an AOBRD will help fleets over the long term so they can make the switch to ELD over time rather than having to do it suddenly,” said Mark Walton, Gorilla Safety co-founder and CEO. “Essentially, an AOBRD reduces the restrictions and allows fleets to operate more freely while they transition to the new ELD requirements, and Gorilla Safety makes that all possible.”

By supporting AOBRDs, Gorilla Safety’s solution allows for the simultaneous use of both AOBRDs and ELDs in the same fleet. The solution will maintain all information within one system to allow the fleet to manage both devices within the same fleet.

“Whenever a fleet wants to begin using the ELD, it will simply change the requirement in the settings for the driver within our mobile app,” added Tommy Johnson, co-founder and president of Gorilla Safety. “Gorilla Safety’s mobile app solution helps fleets easily and seamlessly manage not only the AOBRD and ELD process but also brings them all the capabilities needed for safely managing their vehicles.”