Photo: XPO Logistics

Photo: XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics has announced an expansion of its last-mile logistics network in the Chicagoland area, effectively doubling the capacity of the company’s market delivery center in Chicago.

The new facility in Bolingbrook, Ill., has 100,000 square feet of capacity and will serve retailers, e-commerce companies and manufacturers of heavy goods.

“We’ve seen a strong increase in demand for our services as consumers gain confidence in making major purchases online,” said Charles Hitt, president of XPO Logistics’ last-mile business unit. “Our strategic expansion in the Chicagoland area gives us the capacity to handle our customers’ growth and flex with their seasonal requirements.”

XPO operates 46 market-delivery centers in the U.S. Each site provides a range of services, including storage, assembly, packing, quality control, scheduling, and returns management. XPO said it facilitates over 12 million last-mile deliveries annually.

“When we arrange a delivery to someone’s home, we become a brand ambassador for the retailer or e-tailer,” said Hitt. “It’s our job to ensure a satisfactory consumer experience. We manage this through sophisticated technology and constant engagement with the independent contractors who perform these deliveries.”