Geotab has announced support of compressed natural gas fuel level and temperature on all Momentum Fuel Technologies CNG fueling tanks and systems.

Fleets with CNG vehicles can use Geotab’s technology to gain visibility into fuel usage and driver behavior in a way that is already offered on other vehicles through Geotab’s fleet management solution. The industry has had a limited ability to use telematics to report accurate CNG fuel level readings so far because of the unique nature of the CNG system, according to Geotab.

With a limited network of CNG stations and an average slow-fill CNG vehicle fillup taking eight to 10 hours, insight into how much fuel a vehicle actually receives can help fleets improve uptime and delivery times and reduce anxiety for fleets and drivers over fuel levels.

“The ability to support these parameters allows fleets to combat driver range anxiety in addition to providing accurate fuel usage reports by vehicle, allowing them to understand fuel usage by vehicle or by driver,” said Scott Sutarik, associate vice president, commercial vehicle solutions. “Developing this capability for CNG vehicles, which according to the U.S. Department of Energy are said to have 6 – 11% less emissions, is another step in Geotab’s long-standing commitment to creating a greener world.”

Momentum and Geotab developed the integration using Geotab’s curve logic algorithm to receive high-resolution data through the vehicle’s diagnostic port. A Geotab Go device transmits data from Momentum’s systems over a cellular network, offering reports and dashboards for visualizing trends and monitoring levels.

“Customer response to Momentum’s integration with Geotab has been outstanding,” said Mike Zimmerman, general manager, Momentum Fuel Technologies. “Being able to remotely monitor fuel level can greatly improve driver productivity and fuel utilization, which is important to all CNG customers, including those in the refuse industry.”

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet