Photo: Help Inc.

Photo: Help Inc.

Help Inc., has announced that PrePass-approved trucks will soon be able to use the electronic screening technology to bypass weigh stations in North Dakota.

Weigh stations in Mooreton and Williston will be the first sites in North Dakota to support PrePass. The North Dakota Highway Patrol will also deploy mobile PrePass equipment at locations around the state.

North Dakota is the 33rd state to offer PrePass bypassing to fleets. PrePass is a service offered by Help Inc., a public-private partnership serving the trucking industry and state safety agencies by promoting highway safety and efficiency in commercial transportation.

“We are excited our commercial vehicle enforcement officers will soon have PrePass at both fixed and mobile sites to electronically screen carriers for safety, credential and in some places weight compliance,” said Colonel Michael Gerhart Jr. of the NDHP. “This capability will allow our officers to focus their attention on carriers that may have compliance concerns while allowing compliant carriers to bypass inspection sites, saving everyone both time and money.”

In addition to deploying PrePass in North Dakota, Help Inc., recently signed renewal agreements with three longtime PrePass partner states – Arizona, California, and Missouri.

“Time means money, especially in the trucking industry,” said Karen Rasmussen, president and CEO of Help Inc. “Safe fleets and drivers like the time and fuel savings PrePass gives them, and states appreciate the value of the system in facilitating the movement of freight as quickly and as safely as possible.”