Photo: Georgia DOT

Photo: Georgia DOT

While the Interstate 85 roadway collapse just north of Atlanta will hamper motorists for the foreseeable future, its impact on spot-market truckload freight will be muted, according to a blog post by Ken Harper, director of marketing at DAT Solutions.

In his post, Harper contends that because most interstate traffic navigates around Atlanta on I-285 rather than through it on I-85, as little as 10% of Atlanta's truck traffic will be directly impacted by the road closure.

He adds that only truckload freight traffic going to states immediately north and east of the city are expected to be significantly hindered.

Traffic jams caused by Interstate 85’s troubles will slow freight movement to and from the Atlanta area, Harper saays, but areas to the south, west, and northwest of the city will be relatively unfazed by the delays.

DAT Solutions runs a spot marketplace and regularly tracks freight rates to release the information as an indicator of volume and demand.