Photo: Saia

Photo: Saia

Saia and TST Overland Express announced an exclusive partnership to serve both companies’ U.S.-Canada cross-border less-than-truckload customers.

The partnership allows Saia LTL Freight to service TST Overland’s LTL freight entering the U.S., while TST Overland will service Saia’s LTL freight entering Canada. The partnership will go into effect on May 22. Cross-border freight will be serviced as usual in the interim.

"Our companies are well aligned in that we are both focused on industry-leading on-time delivery service and a low cargo claims experience for our customers," said Ray Ramu, Saia chief customer officer. "Saia LTL Freight customers will benefit from TST Overland's extensive cross-border network providing best-in-class LTL service to and from Canada."

Saia operates 148 terminals across the U.S. and is planning to open four new terminals on May 1 as it expands into the northeastern U.S. TST Overland Express began providing cross-border LTL service in 1952.

“We are pleased to announce this partnership with Saia,” said Wayne Gruszka, president of TST Overland Express. “Our Canadian customers will benefit from Saia's extensive network of terminals in the U.S. and, with access to the largest LTL network in Canada, we offer Saia's U.S. customers unparalleled LTL service in Canada."